will deliver up to 25% savings on your total electric usage, with 12% savings guaranteed!  


IceCOLD delivers these results by dramatically increasing the cooling produced in air-conditioning and refrigeration units; this allows the units to run at a lower capacity as vent air is cooler. IceCOLD also extends the life of equipment it is added to and has commercial, industrial, residential and automotive applications. 


Adding IceCOLD to your system will:
  • Reduce energy cost by up to 25%, or more
  • Deliver cooler vent air
  • Reduce equipment repair cost
  • Extend equipment life
  • Last for the lifetime of the equipment
  • Enhance SEER


Before The Addition of IceCOLD

Oil plaque is attached the tubing walls of the air conditioning or refrigeration unit pipes, this impedes heat transfer and reduces lubricity resulting in a far less efficient unit.


After The Addition of IceCOLD

The addition of IceCOLD displaces the oil plaque resulting in, enhanced heat transfer, colder air and an increased lubricity of over 50%.



The diagram above illustrators copper tubing inside an air-conditioning or refrigeration unit. The image on the left shows oil plaque impeding heat transfer from the refrigerant to the walls of the pipe. The image on the right shows the addition of IceCOLD and illustrates the improved heat transfer and enhanced efficiency.


THE IceCOLD Guarantee 

Not only do we guarantee savings of at least 12%, IceCOLD installation comes with a £10 million guarantee, giving you peace of mind.


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